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Letters to My Future Self. 001. Defined by Fear

Letters to My Future Self. 001. Defined by Fear

The world today seems to be more defined by fear than by other emotions. The election in less than a month has people lined up to vote against a person instead of for a given candidate. The reasons for this are aligned with a mixture of unproven dreads, conspiracy theories, and manipulations by others. There is truth to some of what we’re hearing. There is also a lot of speculative junk.

This is the nature of humanity. The shadows are scarier than those things seen in the light. The step not yet taken is full of foreboding. Into this comes the puppet masters, those who pull the strings to suit their needs. The highest irony is that these puppeteers are not controlled themselves. There is always another layer. That layer is ultimately selfish, and whether derived from angel or demon, seeks to transfer responsibility onward.

Remember the plot line in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? The Man in the Shack is the reluctant Ruler of the Universe. If you had the same attitude as the Man in the Shack you would simultaneously have no fear while being the Ruler of the Universe, and like him, you can sing to the cat if you would like.

“He lives in a Shack in the 'middle of nowhere' with 'what appears to be a cat.' He has named the cat 'the Lord'.

He has no interest in ruling the universe and is not even sure he believes it exists. He only believes in what she senses with his eyes and ears, though he is not too sure about that either.

Every now and then men in six black spaceships come ask him questions or sing to his cat, he is not sure which. His answers impact on the 'fate of millions of people'. He is fond of whiskey and enjoys feeding the Lord fish which he thinks the men leave for him.”
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