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Letters to My Future Self. 002. Sad Days

Letters to My Future Self. 002. Sad Days

Some days seem sadder because of the apparent frailty of others. The choices of our fellow man, the situations they find themselves in, weigh on the observer’s heart. It’s not one thing. Instead, a total sum of events piles on top of each other to create a situation beyond what can be handled.

This is part of the illusion, the distraction that the ego presents so we can’t see our own stuff. The sadness is a “look squirrel” moment during which our issues are concealed in the fog of a larger reality. While it is commendable to consider others before yourself, the diversion steals energy and focus from actions that would truly bring peace to your immediate world. Once self is restored, attention may be directed to truly helping the world instead of being caught in the quagmire of sad days.
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