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Poem - Into the Light

October 11 marks the 28th anniversary of National Coming Out Day. It is an observance organized by the Human Rights Campaign to recognize and promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people's right to be themselves and live in a supportive world. I wrote the poem “Into the Light” to celebrate this day. It reflects a focus of the day, that that homophobia thrives in an atmosphere of silence and ignorance, and that once people know that they have loved ones who are lesbian or gay, they are far less likely to maintain homophobic or oppressive views.

Into the Light

Once in the dark
prisoner of fear
known only to few
nature concealed
the choice was made
to move beyond
into the light
embrace the world
with allies met
to be one of those
true to the self
in public eye
revealed to all
moving to love
the ones desired
the personal choice
true colors flown
no matter the shade
to ensure the world
a familiar face
daughter or son
brother or sister
neighbor or friend
telling the self
to share the story
to live in the world
out of the dark
into the light.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161011.
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