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Poem - The Norm

A compassionate viewing of honest humans will find a near infinite variation of biological gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. The simplistic suggestion of the binary is spun into a multitude of paths, all ending in a thing called the norm for the individual residing there. I am blessed to know a sample of all these destinations, with each as beautiful as the next.

The Norm

Binary would be the norm
if nature did not take the course
of roads down three ways
each in sync or duplicity
twisting, turning, round the bend
where it ends more than two.

The beginning is at the birth
set in stone for most of us
for others reference to confuse
a starting point for a life
one or the other, sometimes both
yet to define what is felt
identity states the choice found
there in the mind anchored firm
the physical twist round the mind.

Add to this the outer wrap
be it dress or pants instead
somber dark or brilliant paint
knee length long or skin revealed
to feel comfortable is the goal
finding garb to show the soul
expression stated for the self
society wishes disabused.

Orientation grabs the heart
makes flush rush to the spots
for who we long to grasp
be they same or opposite
perhaps scope is much more
varied as the other trails
another twist to add the ways
from binary to multiple.

From binary the world explodes
with choice of self so many ways
not to confuse or spur the world
instead to find our perfect path
identity, expression, orienting
each towards or away you'll see
in the uniqueness of identity
shades of rainbow in the sky
finding all are now the norm.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161012.
Tags: choice, diversity, expression, poem

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