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Poem - Fancy Pants

I had to admit that I didn’t have the rip-off pants during my short college-based career as a stripper. I may have had a fancy name, Lil’ Thumper, but that didn’t mean I had the props. The poem “Fancy Pants” looks back at the trials and tribulations of those times.

Fancy Pants

I wish I had the fancy pants
the ones that ripped away at the touch
so I could show off the goods
not so sexy in underoos
washing day was my friend
no extra clothes on hand to wear
nudity was my natural state
when laundromat had the threads.

No AC on, I’d strip on down
my ten by ten was basic digs
windows opened to cool the skin
lifting weights to keep it hard
a peek show for neighbors close
practice the moves for perfect pose
the paying gigs got me through
with average grades and flesh to show.

My backpack held all the toys
set to tease the customers
easy transport on my bike
just don’t ask me to travel far
budget stripping was my thing
no fancy props from college man
a lack of cake to leap out from
instead the donuts to show the love.

There was no change for me to tip
none in pocket after groceries bought
Top Ramen was protein’s source
with pizza days when I splurged
I took the drinks where I could
Milwaukee Best got real old
I put my best out on display
when Coors Light began to flow.

So little sleep when I danced
flashing night then hit the books
test in the morning to earn the grades
then back to lovin to pay the bills
a morning snack after work
meet the dawn with a smile
put the popcorn on the stove
college stripping memories.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161013.
Tags: humor, poem, stripping

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