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Poem - Culture's Gift

I found an online article “The 35 Question Progressive Test”. In reality it was a right leaning self-congratulating attack on the stated subject. Don't look for it unless you want to see venom at its worst. The sum was another artifact in the ongoing culture war. The left has their share of these. My poem “Culture’s Gift” explores the sadness of the war. All and all it really depresses me.

Culture’s Gift

Discord is culture's gift
wars to state who's in the right
winners picked by rule of law
the losers gripe we're all confused
each side seeking angel's bless
the other in the demon's grip
this is the parties’ line
when the knives are set to dine

malice is the stated goal
when the enemies address the wrongs
only goodness is the cause
when the same is done by our side
no nonsense is the only goal
while dogma tips the stated scales
fun house of mirrors walked
as all fall to Cassandra's fate

the last to hold the sword does win
dismemberment becomes the game
ultimates are at finger tips
while hands are amputated at the wrists
words placed in the other mouth
turned to poison by sleight of hand
sadly our voice is lost
by ventriloquist of foe's ilk

exclamations made to trap
quotation marks set the pace
nuanced trails led to grief
for friend and foe to contemplate
the list of ironies is too much
from word to sentence then to grave
culture wars will find their end
when sacred hope is buried there.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161014.
Tags: culture war, poem

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