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Poem - Dear Attraction

It seems like I’m surrounded by people more beautiful and handsome than ever I’ve seen in my life. The continuing appreciation of them prompted me to write the poem “Dear Attraction”.

Dear Attraction

Dear attraction
my most close friend
you tease my heart
with nothingness
you yank libido
down empty halls
why must you linger
and haunt me so?

The choice was made
you had your say
now you've revolted
against that day
with further pokings
prompts to dash
with no direction
the walls too high.

That ship has sailed
to a distant shore
there you should stay
tease me no more
with whispered jests
of what could be
when none of that
is in this realm.

Yet still you prattle
look at the curve
background chatter
see the smile
the static drones
feel the firm
this does no good
when line is drawn.

Dear attraction
I'll say this last
Mother Nature
is quite the tease
Father Time
with jester hat
and you're their gift
I'll always have.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161019.
Tags: attraction, beauty, poem

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