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Poem - Love's Sweet Joy

An article about the social side of dance, along with a photo I took recently, prompted me to write the poem “Love’s Sweet Joy”. Going through life mechanically is not enough when the joy of others is a goal. Social graces can make up for technical challenges, or in a more perfect world, take an encounter far above and beyond the base potential.

Love’s Sweet Joy

Purpose held to matters high
on my knees to set the time
celebrate the rush of life
in shadow’s space of love’s pure light.

To see is not enough by far
when efforts ask for something more
to stake the claim in heaven’s field
move will to yield the fruit’s ripe bloom.

Outcomes come and outcomes go
set to vanish in time’s deep hole
the journey is the maker’s mark
tasked to focus on the heart.

Do not rush the effort’s pace
rich rewards are there to take
if consequence is number one
instead of systems put to thumb.

Reciprocate if just by word
to recite bliss that’s understood
cheering feedback asks for more
as efforts double to onward go.

All good things must end in time
the journey there is one to share
when rich rewards pour forth in glee
the efforts bless your company.

To genuflect, bow and scrape
reject these not in your embrace
when life offers fertile fields
of love’s sweet joy to be revealed.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161021.
Tags: joy, pleasure, poem

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