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Poem - Spin the Tunes

I am profoundly thankful for the DJs that give of their time to provide social dance music. Their calling allows us to find some measure of peace in this world. The poem “Spin the Tunes” celebrates the DJ in their spiritual vocation.

Spin The Tunes

Please spin the tunes to sooth my soul
tortured now in sad repose
needed nurture as night needs sun
to chase the dark from my life
as feet find reason to attempt
something more than shuffle’s tramp
moving to the pulsing beat
born of the heavens moving grace.

I’ll life my hands in prayerful arcs
to show my cheer as pulses mark
a heartbeat based on ecstasy
from record’s voice to my feet
with motion’s blessing I then dance
not to sin or break the laws
instead I’ll soar to holy heights
on wings of notes with word’s delight.

So DJ of the purest heart
master of the songs at hand
lists constructed to appeal
to all those in this company
here to praise your fine gifts
each with need as strong as mine
rescue me from misery
play your tunes so I may find
in the dance that you provide
reasons to live and carry on.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161022.
Tags: dance, dj, music, poem

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