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Poem - Hymns

The group Dis-e-ra sang gospel songs on Sunday morning at 2016 Fall LEAF. Watching them inspired me to write the poem “Hymns”.


Hymns on the Sunday morn
voices raised to praise the Lord
standing tall in shared acclaim
while on bending knee in the heart.

Connect the hands to mark the beat
on Heaven’s gates the praise will knock
in the mansions one day we’ll live
until that time our hands will clap.

Imperfect voices call his name
in shared respect we’ll ask for grace
spoke together we’ll speak as one
for something greater in response.

The final tribute moves the whole
torso to legs along with arms
motion is the consequence
when the Spirit has its way.

Hymns on the Sunday morn
to show we’re grateful to the Lord
so many ways to express our love
sum of the whole is our prayer this day.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161023.
Tags: hymns, poem, praise

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