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Poem - Snowflakes

The poem “Snowflakes” is a play on the four directions, a path walked during the lifetime’s spiritual journey.


Snowflakes each from God’s fair hands
cast to fall when they might land
in a tempest from fate’s four winds

in the east the journey starts
the whole of self is sum of the past
turned aside when the steps begin

in the south the rivers flow
highways of the early years
ask the dreams why tears must go

in the west the sleeper wakes
through the fires the dross is burned
treasures found when all seems lost

in the north the gold is dug
wisdom shown in the past twice found
once in the heart and then in the mind

the winds turn round to the start
what came before will come again
the pilgrim white from the journey’s breadth

each snowflake has a different way
none may arrive before they leave
in place of ice is bright diamond.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161025.
Tags: journey, poem, spiritual

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