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Poem - Rock the Boat

The poem “Rock the Boat” is about the aftermath of sexual assault. Spoken by the survivor of an assault, the dialogue shares the burning anger accompanied by muting fear. This pain is repeated by triggers, by physical proximity to the perpetrator, and by the callous denial of the event by a larger world. Life is too precious, boundaries are too sacred, to allow this to continue.

Rock the Boat

I hide it beneath a cloak of calm
this burning orb I do not want
gift from the hellish pits
delivered by a human fiend
violator of my sacred space
to be shared with whom I say
this ignored by the criminal
now walking free out in the world.

A normal face I show the world
what rage is stirred in my heart
with triggers borne by life’s whims
circumstance seen just by me
boundaries breached are always torn
disrespect becomes the norm
with wounds too deep for all to see
unless I choose to always scream.

The smile is there to ease their mind
while fury seethes in shared response
to fear’s cold fingers wrapped around
my voice kept mute by terror’s hand
of what you might think of me
disavowing veracity
callous denial cast by those
denying the monster in their fold.

Nothing to see, move along
before I erupt in anger’s craze
wishing the ax to find its mark
knowing that it will cleave my life
because punishment will fall too hard
on this victim and not the foe
when society seeks to keep the calm
affliction on those who rock the boat.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161030.
Tags: poem, rape, sexual assult, survivor

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