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Poem - A Life to Live

The poem "A Life to Live" is about the nature of consent in sexual congress. The themes presented in the poem are: consent is the gateway to any act no matter the flavor, consent should not be implied by a person's mode of dress or lifestyle, and consent is absolutely required whether the person is actively able to give it or not. The bottom line is that affirmative consent is the gateway to sexual congress. Any sexual interactions before affirmative consent is an assault. What happens after consent is between the partners.

A Life to Live

Consent is the holy grail
for predilections beyond the pale
acts that draw a yawn
vanilla or the spicy mix
sanction asked for both of them
when congress is in the cards
gender joined is not the crux
the numbered partners in the mix
toys to make the party fun
nor age when legal is observed
when agreement is the norm
to each there own when all concur
I give examples because the worst
transgressions made on vicims' souls
bodies spoiled by power's game
lusts embraced when no is said
are the simple acts of love
taken by those with no accord.

Consent means wait til there's yes
no subtle lure should be assumed
dangled invite is not there
when personal choice is on parade
each has their right to have a style
nothing asked when fashion reigns.
consider too the way we dress
each has a style used to impress
with options for the body shown
as much or little is on display
responsibility is not dismissed
a line still holds where bodies end.
permission taken is concord broken
when glamor is personal, not a favor
to be seized by those too able
drawn by trappings they think letting
this is not the intent of the wearer
when lines are crossed that are sacred.

Consent's last plea is most grave
no means no always again
the request to stop should always top
everything thing that came before
when verbalized or yes is silent
cease the actions that soil the world
possession taken without permit
when body is drugged or asleep
is the heinous belief of control
where none was asked, thus denied
yet the monsters in ego's sway
plunder the treasures with no sanction
this goes double when waking is there
rejection of mating should be the end
when one is victim and the other taker
nothing good can come of skirmish
between the one with a life to live
another the destroyer with an ill intents.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161101.
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