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Poem - Jester

“Jester” is a poem about my struggle with the flawed nature of our world. The current election isn’t doing me any favors. I am questioning my sanity and ability to relate to the world.


The jester has the thorny crown
ask not the wise man why this is so
they'll mutter words about this space
equate the world to a garden place
human weakness is our lot
a blessing to force the lessons learned
so say the clerics all
to explain the mess God left behind
this fallen state is the norm
arrangement made at the dawn of time
no matter the myth recalled
the flaws are in the mix from creation's start
my psyche seeks to fly apart
beloved ego how much are you to blame?
the sun rises in the east
why do I sense all of this must stop?
in the end I'll leave this place
find the door away from the carousel
where the quiet will always reign
away from jester, king of pain.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161102.
Tags: depression, poem, suicide

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