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Poem - Not to Lie

I’ve lost people in my life because of who I am relative to who they are. The poem “Not to Lie” considers the battle between escaping taint and being true to oneself. Note… I am blessed by many that who are both themselves and accepting of who I am, so I don’t discount them in this poetic consideration.

Not to Lie

The taint clings as second skin
unequal yoke in their eyes
separating self and my kin
by choices meant not to lie
the words spoke are the truth
not meant to state otherwise
yet still they offend the world
am I so different to matter not?
I can only be myself
deviation from the norm
though others wish for white washed paint
to be the mirror to their domain
I can only bend so far
to cast myself into their skins
before my scream to the skies
(inwardly if not out loud)
that I am more than alibis
they ask for me to tow the line
with safety asking for the same
that path forward would be my lie
by life contrary to themselves
human beings are cast aside
seen in shades beyond the pale
colored glasses cannot shield
divergence from routine
when I speak to who I am
so I’ll again my sole intent
not to tempt or mislead
the taint is theirs to lay on me
only seen in their eyes
I’ll find my kind in their wisdom
who loves myself for who I am.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161106.
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