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Poem - The Sky

The poem "The Sky" started out with the intent of contemplating how ripples in a pool impact others. The muse took it in another direction, one about the circle of life on earth.

The Sky

Raindrop in the vast ocean
nothing but water to the eye
horizons stretched to time and back
depths unknown by ground unseen
both high and low to the sight
sheets of drops fall from the sky

so many ripples in response
each a perfect circle
until they meet another one
then the sum is multiplied
cross-divided at God's whim
across the breadth beneath the sky

this imperfect mirror
scrying bowl of humanity
no longer smooth on the face
dimpled yet still perfect
longing to show from where we came
with the blurred reflection of the sky

the angels can only guess
why we chose these heights to fall
impact jarring as life begins
cooperation the quest that fails
when the same has suspicion’s mark
tears crowd the eyes that watch the sky

to which end do droplets go
in this welling pool down below?
first to mix as separates will
willingness mixed with angst
then to feel the heat of the sun
evaporate, return to the sky.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161107.
Tags: circle, poem, sky

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