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Poem - In the Words

“In the Words” is a poem about the communicative nature of writing. The reader or listener is transported to other realms, ones in which they take on roles sequestered from the rest of life.

In The Words

Who will I be when I read
the fated words left for me?
In rapt response so many ways
the inner ones come out to play
with burning rage or happy glee
perhaps to cry to shed a tear
each has its day in poetry
when words evoke my heart to act

celebrant of joy's refrain
I know the heights that gladness rings
with peeling bells rushed to hit
to find the tones that angels sing
purity cast to heaven's gates
turned around with happiness
ecstatic songs to far exclaim
the pleasure found in the words

mystic of the high tower
mysteries spun by glyphs impugned
with incantations spun without
seeking gold from lead within
secrets too long held
outside of reach until the time
seekers quested high and low
when revelation is in the words

child of the inner space
discovering the colored box
finding with toys within
adulting gone when youth plays
years discarded to transcend
time's burden unduly cast
on the young never aged
inspired by fountain in the words

mourner of a thousand tears
shed to wash away the hurt
borne by those who truly care
for the pain of the earth
in the salve of soul's pour
to drown the sorrow and the fear
with connection to like one
ascending bridges in the words

victim of the grievous crimes
Satan's reign in mortal flesh
brought to bear on humanity
by those who are less than men
recognition births justice
bringing the evil to the light
the wronged acknowledged at long last
sentenced passed in the words

I can be all these, indeed I have
with poetry breaking mute silence
availing words to those who read
creating links between mankind
while few may write, pen to scratch
all may read, find themselves
in poet's grace the mirror turns
to show all our lives in the words.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161108.
Tags: poem, poetry, power

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