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Poem - Velocities


One step into the next
chapter closed with the blow
percussion not fully heard
mass more important than speed
velocity enough to do the deed
when A meets B to create C.

fault lines too weak to hold
the damage that broke the back
by voice or fist, the two the same
stresses concealed beneath the grade
vibrations hinted in waking times
not enough to cause concern

one in motion, the other not
forces move to compensate
momentum becomes the enemy
from zero to forty five
just a nudge to find the way
as soul lifts above the fray
finding paths to other realms

where are the guards to bar the trail
safeties locked in blind dismay
between the here and never place?
they wonder why hindsight damns
sentries worn from vigil's breadth
clarity found when all is lost

years in the making now vanished
monuments left to high and low
best and worst cast to dust
sifted by those left behind
when steps are final in respect
to velocities measured in life spans.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161110.
Tags: depression, poem

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