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Poem - More to Come

“More to Come” is poem about expecting easy solutions to difficult problems. The saviors with quick answers are either fools, shysters, or a combination of the two. The pressing problems are long in making. The answers are also, made longer when sins are held too tight.

More to Come

I asked the man if it was done
the ending of the troubled times
unwanted by the ones that bled
for the trials imposed on them
from on high the crimes exposed.

The sun has set on chapters torn
from the hearts of many folks
with no sins to their name
other than those applied to their souls
by birth’s lottery turning round.

The answer came in reluctant words
expressed in the calm of the storm
chaos paused before it restarts
slave to none though many strive
to ask for the latter in their regret.

“The question is the edge of life
the wall built up by the lies
held to heart by dark intents
unable to see what is birthed
beyond the links of discontent.”

The blind lead those who see
the deaf listen for those who hear
perhaps they deserve what they find
in search of the salvation’s stairs
marked by the angel’s horns.

The man was the fool’s prophet
jester promoted by you and me
insecurities come out to play
spun from the horary silk of sins
another day with more to come.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161113.
Tags: decisions, fixes, poem

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