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Poem - What's the Worse?

I really really want to write a happy happy poem. Not yet, so I present “What’s the Worse?”.

What’s the Worse?

Rulers come and rulers go
casting doubt out to the fold
asking grace with short returns
the fears are real as rumors turn

the curtain hides what is behind
mutterings heard off in the dark
the shadow mocks the truer form
omens taunt the peace of mind

the sun still blooms in the sky
the stars still turn overhead
neither cares if words are cursed
by forked tongues holding court

tears are held until the morn
when all decisions come to roost
waiting for the shoe to drop
rumors are the only news

look to the clues that trail
the concessions made to confuse
as peace is made in the now
before the war consumes the world

the settled fog is lingering
in the realm of humankind
the sole question is the key
what’s the worse that could happen?

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161115.
Tags: poem, politics

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