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Poem - Devil Whispered

Newt Gingrich has characterized Trump’s wall with Mexico as “a great campaign device”. At very best this means it might not be practical in reality. Does he really mean it was a lie? These grist led me to write “Devil Whispered”.

Devil Whispered

The Devil whispered in my ear
lullabies to match my tears
asking nothing more than this
to believe the world as it is
he pointed out that dies were cast
the levers pulled at long last
by the angry ones of single mind
no longer quiet in this time.

The lilting lyrics destroyed the truth
first casualty under foot
stampeded while the crowed exalted
the madman chosen to be most popular
it's just a campaign device
Lucifer admitted when cross examined
excitement was the spice of life
when arenas were filled with the lies.

The crooning filled my heart with fear
as I considered things held dear
each syllable was a gravestone set
on future fields with bodies strewn
to the winners go the spoils
this he stated was the goal
some blood must spill to lubricate
the wheels of progress immersed in hate.

Amongst these murmurs I’m fading fast
my sanity gone at last
the oft repeated becomes the chant
with only hope as a last chance
denying future of moans and screams
no accompaniment to Devil's dreams
instead embracing light and love
salvation waits outside of words.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161116.
Tags: poem, politics, power, trump

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