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Poem - Underbelly

The path and outcome of the 2016 United States presidential election has provided exposure for widely distasteful elements of society. “Underbelly” is a commentary on this development.


The underbelly is nothing new
it's always festered underneath
hatred spawned in shadows dark
do not dismiss until the cause
is considered with fair regard
for the ones of our dismay

tradition applies the taint
familiar ground now well trod
enforced by peers all around
so much momentum with few brakes
programmed to seek their place
above the others they do not relate

empowerment is nature's gift
ugly villain, favorite son
jester serving right and wrong
with all held to decide
eternal God on each side
their sorted place in history

consider this has been way
unfortunate bless of freedom's call
status-quo of many days
what has changed to cause you fear
the fount of your many tears
welling up to mar your face?

public discourse has invited
the marginalized to speak their mind
not all these are bad you see
but like the boxes storage kept
from the places dank with dust
the roaches come out to play

respond with words that reject hate
asking all to contemplate
poison virtues in our midst
with guise of normality
the falsehood of complicity
from the ones that govern thee

consider this a wake-up call
the submerged has come forth
from shadows to promote their ilk
waiting to see what occurs
the response that is the cure
to underbelly's daylight tour.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161118.
Tags: poem, prejudice

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