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Poem - Cookies

In my social media sharing I go out on a limb or two in an effort to let people know that they are not so different from everyone else. Society creates exceptions of “normal”. The great cosmic joke is that very few people meet this high goal of uniformity. Life is not lived in the space of averages. Life is messy, unusual, and it is nice to know that others are in similar spaces.


Finding family where I can
in the arms of stranger ones
nudging to explore the breadth
of life beyond the inner space
can they strive to match my ilk
this definition years have produced?
so far beyond the simple mold
cookie cutter made for one

this is my prayer to find my way
beyond the halls that hem me in
these four wall are multiplied
as voices echo inside my head
they are myself said once again
repeated when none can respond
to chase the madness from the day

windows open to introduction
of like spirits yet not the same
each a mold unto themselves
to mate with mine to make a whole
the lonely dirges are soon transformed
to choirs exalting the similar
found exiles no longer lost
cast to drift but now beached

this is the message I cast to all
received by the boundless sea
look to me if you’re alone
lives are shared beyond the shade
relations come in many forms
some familiar, some less so
in our search each has a place
for cookies seeking company.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161119.
Tags: community, friends, poem

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