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Poem - Loaded Gun

I wrote “Loaded Gun” for a poetry competition on the website “Deep Underground Poetry”. The contestants are asked to base their poem on a line from the song “Silver Snail” by the Pixies.

Loaded Gun

Half asleep with a loaded gun
consider what would happen with one half full
spent to move the world along
this became my dream on slumber’s coin.

One bullet would find its mark
though premature, the rest it betrays
into the chasm filled with my doubts
hold dear listener while I complete this tale.

The second slug would travel far
a warning shot sent high into the sky
to let the world know of my plight
I wonder if the noise is loud enough.

The third round I’d most regret
striking so deeply within their hearts
the wounds are tragic, not deserved
now all are innocent when guilt’s assigned.

The fourth projectile would be the last
or was it the first as echoes rebound?
too long in coming, yet sudden still
while survivors consider the outcome.

Now depleted by half you see
these visions have filled my mind with noise
my pistol has been discharged
was it fantasy or horrors yet to come?

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161120.
Tags: depression, poem

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