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Poem - You

There are people in the world that are more special than most. I am honored to spend some amount of time with them. I would laugh with them, cry with them, and honor their place in my life.


I love you dearly
more than most
clearly not in love
the next best thing
somewhere beyond
the associate’s zone
into where I care
about how you are
what you are feeling
what you want
from a shared world
yet still diverse
from my slice
of shared reality
oh so different
still connected.

I care for you
too much sometimes
about you my friend
hoping it will sustain
finding spark to proclaim
supporting confidence
salve to the wounds
so much to see
paths to walk
through the years
so far ahead
God’s gift to me
undeserved some
say I’ll not argue there
with the one I love.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161120.
Tags: friends, friendship, poem

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