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Poem - Our Need

“Our Need” is both about the proximity of dance and the nature of the dip. It was inspired by a photo I took of two people in a pre-dip position.

Our Need

We begin this mutual consort
arms wrapped, bodies grasped
breath held in expectation
for the drop felt by both

excitement on the edge of self
shared with a willing companion
the outside world put on hold
no others are part of the show

close enough to feel the breath
heat radiating in quick response
gasp from the mouth half closed
flex with the effort blessed

long enough to fill the world
if only until the move is done
to hasten it would be a crime
just enough to share a smile

bodies pressed in our effort
nearness ours in shared consent
others look, it matters not
fulfilling this is our need.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161121.
Tags: dance, dip, poem

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