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Poem - Sublime Rules

Politics have always been an exercise in spin. It feels like this is about to go into overdrive as formally disenfranchised or excluded groups are quietly ushered into the part. One thing is said when another is meant. Words trigger a specific reaction in some groups but not others. The poem “Sublime Rules” is about this phenomenon.

Sublime Rules

Look behind the words portrayed
for a truth that lays beyond
betrayed by the lies in front
the unspoken matters more
the signs distract by design
verbal cues that do not mean
what is said by evil men
smiling big with bad intent.

Symbols ask for audience
simple cues to the flock
meaning nothing to outlanders
witnesses of a message sent
one thing shown, another meant
confusion for the innocent
don’t ask what’s inferred
only members know the gist.

In the end the whistles sound
hidden from the world at large
by the word or by the flag
the devoted know what’s implied
barking when none may hear
salivating at thin air
madness buried deep in the mind
who is the master when sublime rules?

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161124.
Tags: poem, politics, propoganda

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