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Poem - Something Else (Forwards)

I wrote “Something Else” for a poetry competition that asked a PALINDROMIC poem. This is defined as “that reads the same forward or backward”. The topic of the poem is about where relationships can go when they progress beyond the “like” and move to something other than “love”. It sprung from a waking thought that matched the first and last lines of the poem. The following is the original “forwards” version.


Something Else

From like to love or something else
this is the path we’re meant to take
as time is spent in company
there are ways this may end
the likes are passage one must cross
to find what’s on the other side
an adventure fit for two
on life’s pathways beyond the like

Infatuation is the doppelganger
confusion mounts when copy reigns
this is the baser of the pure
muddled feelings as like grows
mistaken for the true thing
fascination mocking adoration
best move along and not commit
when the false feelings do intrude

Admiration thinks the world
of the subject beyond the like
seeing more than others can
imparting value where they are
inspiring same by lesser folks
master’s touch above the norm
that is me in a world below
looking up to the greater one.

Obsession is the personal touch
emotion spun to the darker side
when love appears as something else
mistaken for a kinder way
prompted by a lustful stamp
asking what should not be had
as an option only one can see
the other wanting nothing else

Sympathy only wants the best
for another felt special enough
asking God’s holding grace
when the fancy moves along
welcoming best than better
better over good is the want
good is not enough for the one
when high wishes are deserved.

These mixtures can be the end
when love is not the destiny
of two who move along
finding places all may see
some are good and some are bad
perhaps it is better not to go
still one must try to move
from like to love or something else.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161125.
Tags: love, palindrome, poem

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