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Lyrics - Friends Leave

The lyrics “Friends Leave” were inspired by a quote by Stephen Chbosky in his book “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.

Friends Leave

Turn the page this day on another change
it is the constant when everything shifts
the sun above must be very amused
oh how many more can my heart sustain?

They say life doesn’t stop for anyone
friends come and they go by revolving door
former a blessing, latter a curse
oh is this the price of joy they bring to this soul?

Things change and friends leave
life doesn’t stop for anybody
the cross I bear for as a singular one

It seems I’m the one standing in one place
this is my illusion fostered by the world
others do wonder where I’ve departed
oh am I the vagabond drifting?

So I’ll embrace them while I allowed
by timing of my vagrancy or of theirs
as both are felt as wrinkles move across
oh when we come together as before?

Things change and friends leave
life doesn’t stop for anybody
things change and friends leave
life doesn’t stop for anybody
oh now a malady all must endure?

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161126.
Tags: friends, partings, poem

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