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Poem - Tropisms

The poem “Tropisms” is a poetic look at the living to a repeated standard or striking out on your own.


- Trope -

When is perception meant for all
hard defined by the world
through the tropes of other men
melding flesh and merging minds?

common is the word most used
interpolation of the norm
turned to mark all of men
stretched beyond constituents

embellishment is at play
to make the most of vanilla’s taste
other flavors are withheld
as simple is made the most

high celebration heard by all
repeating tunes known to heart
perhaps the same is for the best
these are the words of celebrants.

- Anti-Trope -

What of others outside of this
these standards borne of consent
skirted by the aliens
they long to live while others rule?

strange is in beholder’s eye
not so much for the self
awareness is the boon incurred
when extremes are natural

when what you see is what you get
the flaws are scars one should have
no need to make play of these
they are by rote variety

hear muted horns meant for few
only those with trust ensured
know the ways of the charmed
celebrants of the obscure.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161127.
Tags: poem, tropism

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