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Poem - Ebony Shine

A photo on Tumblr inspired me to write “Ebony Shine”. The pic featured a young lady, dressed in black, in front of a group of ravens.

Ebony Shine

Brother Raven, Sister Crow
blessed family of ebony shine
divine messenger of sight beyond
looking to hidden in deep twilight
Loki's cousin in trickster glam
arcane turns to confidence man
teacher of the lesson fooled
knowledge gained by spell or dupe.

Magic surrounds the path of black
the void is mystery's final source
glossy colors echo the forms
possible when all is held within
with energy drawn to the source
turned around by siblings two
reversed as earth's basic blocks
green of earth, blue of sky.

Messages drift from far away
held to breast as air conveys
the smoke of healing carried forth
offered by Brother to his kin
the tidings may be of ill
though this is not the typical
instead the news is of change
the death of fixed as life is blessed.

Lessons are learned of the grim
what is dead must be fed
to earth's cold depths beyond life
birds of night show the land
beyond the sights of sunlit realms
doom is never a final fate
one eyed cousin stands ready
to shift destruction to progress.

Relations flanking Odin's side
thought and memory gifted forth
tools to weld from the source
even while all feel the yoke
no master will we ever be
while relatives serve greater good
tidings by Brother and Sister both
serve the whole of mankind's world.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161130.
Tags: archetype, mythology, poem

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