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Poem - Pens in the Soul

Art can have the smallest of inspirations. I was looking at my Tumblr feed and saw a photo of a marker drawing of an eye put to a leg. The text of the posting said “I drew this myself. These inspired me to write “Pens in the Soul”.

Pens in the Soul

I drew this on myself
with pens I found in my soul
collected over many years
strewn across the inner drawers
cubbyholes where I store
some of sorrow, some of joy

the colors come in many shades
spectrum spread from here to there
rainbows high in the sky
marking how I live my life
to muted grays of cloudy days
some far too black for sanity

I’ll sketch to flesh with instruments
guns that wound but do not kill
needles honed to prick the skin
planting fields forever there
phantasms plucked from memory
with pigments honed through the years

I beg you not to judge
the stories I’ve placed on the skin
plucked from corners I’ve suppressed
now bravely brought out show
some you see in the light
others hide beneath the clothes

I drew this on myself
decisions made when muse exclaimed
that outer is the canvas blank
tattoos are the medium
for the thoughts I’ve kept inside
drawn with pens found in the soul.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161204.
Tags: poem, tattoo, tattoos

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