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Poem - Placeholder

I saw a posting on social media about a subgroup of a persecuted minority. Many believed that the subgroup had traits that decreased their overall suffering because of “invisibility”. Some people in the purer majority hold the subgroup in contempt or even suspicious hostility. Why have a letter when rejection is the norm? The poem “Placeholder” is about the experience of the subgroup as they face their brethren.


When rejection is the norm
by the bulk of the world
prejudice is passed along
to the group they do torment
the wounded seek something else
to pass along the consequence
of heavy boots put to spine
these injuries must find revenge.

All are equals in crowd
some more than others sadly so
how to decide which to cut?
look to the measure of the soul
purity is the ax long held
injuries hone the cutting edge
targets sought are lesser ones
of the clan the rest harass.

The in-between are diminutive
second class behind the clean
sullied by proximity
to the enemy majority
their identity is firmly held
yet suspicions jump quick to the mind
that the ally is fickle friend
quick to jump from suffering.

This is the greatest gap of all
distress is not shared by some
as a badge pinned to breast
by the ones with bloodied heads
where were you on the combat field?
asks the soldiers wounded there
run along pretender friend
they’re not wanted by their kin.

Perhaps the pain is less for them
still their soul is captive to
the group they hold allegiance to
even though it’s not returned
it matters not if they defend
fighting fear when it is reared
when their rank is tentative
placeholder is their only grade.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161206.
Tags: poem, subcultures, subgroup

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