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Poem - Made a Mark

A dear friend, one who allowed me to reveal myself more than I ever had before, offered up a meme that challenged “Mention that one person who made your 2016 better”. I of course offered up my aforementioned friend because of their contribution, short in hours, but long on healing. I then sat back and thought about that one person who had the greatest impact on my 2016. They would have been the one that made me consider life’s choices, overcome the hurdles found, and generally relish a better world because there were in it. The poem “Made a Mark” is about that person in my year of 2016.

Made a Mark

I wonder who made my year
put a mark to mortal soul
rose above the background noise
to make a difference for this one
so many faces in the crowd
each with an impact on my life
still a face rises above the rest
I’ll speak of them in poetic phrase.

Helen launched a thousand ships
a dozen poems I’ll put at their feet
maybe more as I’ve lost count
as the muse evoked their name
in roles of minor and center stage
the former in good company
the later as my life was shook
each span of words as testament.

The camera’s eye took note of them
with archived moments of resonance
aligned importance felt in the heart
acknowledged with each button press
photos cannot fully reveal
pictures see but cannot show
as the flash captured the still
with light outshone by their glow.

Words were offered with a veil
photos filled with camouflage
yet look behind what’s been shown
and there they are oh so bold
with an impact that romance skews
riding bumps of life’s travails
providing insight to what I hide
by pushing buttons few can know.

Poems and pics are evidence
of connection beyond the pale
felt by one, perhaps more
while this soul walks the earth
all I know is that they progressed
rose above all the rest
as the one that marked my life
making a difference as few can.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161210.
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