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Poem - I Will Smile

The poem “I Will Smile” is about restraint in the face of situations that are exciting but incredibly dangerous.

I Will Smile

Honeyed words escape my lips
this I'd like if I weren't mute
perhaps this is for the best
when all I manage is a smile
nod of the head while thoughts collide
asking why this has conspired
where it could lead my soul
if I used my outside voice.

I'd state how you're a breeze
blowing staleness from my life
dull fog removed, now I see
another slice of reality
I seemed to miss at the turn
of the wheel when I was young
yet here it is in front of me
perfection found, now I see.

Beauty had died on the branch
on the tree by long neglect
now revealed to have slept
slumbering where I do not know
summoned by the claxons hit
by the charms sallied forth
loveliness has found its home
in the form of now awoke.

I ask myself if this is real
why chase a phantom for no reward
the answer springs from my lips
a thing to do when life regrets
choices made, events unwound
so many years from there to now
the load is heavy with rewards
and burdens heaped on top of those.

Verity has been confirmed
in the breeze of beauty's charms
all of this is in my grasp
but beware assumption of the gifts
diversion is the balm of mind
destruction is the final mile
if honeyed words escaped my lips
so for now I will smile.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161207.
Tags: depression, poem

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