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Poem - Beware the Cliff

“Beware the Cliff” is a cautionary tale about pursuing the Lolitas of life.

Beware the Cliff

Put it down, step away
turn back now before it's too late
this one's too young to ride
just beyond the Barbi's cars
Tonka Trucks out in the yard
don’t forget from where you've come
the span of years is too much
your road was long, theirs was not
connection found does not make up
biology does not excuse
excess taken when you disabuse
the petaled flower too far removed
though the landmarks are all there
familiar contours too near at hand
traveling that road will be your end
excitement is the quick end rush
when the curves are libido's curse
beware the cliff where you'll burn.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161212.
Tags: lolita, poem

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