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Poem - Swimming Beneath the Night Sky

I came across a poem called with the same title as this one I present. I found the topic intriguing. “Swimming Beneath the Night Sky” is my contribution to this genre.

Swimming Beneath the Night Sky

We swam beneath the midnight sky
anchored by the blanket on the ground
lit by orb at half mast
floating between here and there
movement was our guiding hand
when nature's lights were not enough
feeling, moving, pouring forth
dancing to the passions' tunes

our clothes were discard in the rush
by urges freed with merriment
as garments were tossed to the grass
witnessed by the moon's dim light
between the cool of whispered breeze
fresh from the dark beneath the trees
and the warmth of blanket's
our bodies moved in motions joined

exclamations escaped our lips
protestations for mercy bliss
completion desired while postponed
as we escaped from the earth
terra firma may be our home
the stars so very high above
our passions took us in between
swimming beneath the night sky.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161211.
Tags: intimacy, poem

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