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Poem - Discomfort's Shift

I found the quote “Discomfort is okay; I’ll live. My insides shift, and adjust”. I felt a challenge to turn these into a poem, with the romantic ode “Discomfort’s Shift” as the result.

Discomfort’s Shift

Discomfort is another day
reminder I am alive
yet it is not in my dreams
is this because I am dead?

My insides shift, adjust so
to the thoughts you provoke
wisdom found deep within
to the visions found without.

Sleeping brings another land
of adventures I embrace
you’re not there in my arms
what is the good of having that?

I shake with emotions kept
too long inside instead of out
shown to those who should know
how I feel about the world.

Awaking brings me back to you
with the pains that accompany
this body that’s been here too long
but why so short have you been here?

I’ll adapt to this new paradigm
bring out the sentiments you incite
show my love as I falter
another day held in your arms.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161214.
Tags: poem, romance, romantic

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