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Poem - Into Flame

The poem “Into Flame” is about the curative ways people use fire.

Into Flame

Healing comes in many forms
transformation reconciled
by a tool this may occur
to the south look for a cure
three ways to use the blaze’s form.

Another log tossed to the fire
scribed with runes for the sky
meant for those beyond the pale
asking for the favors writ
on wood consumed as they’re sent.

Burdens put to paper’s face
habits ill to owner’s fate
unwanted troubles sent away
discarded at the wheel’s request
now is time to burn the waste.

Memories haunt the present day
regrets linger where none should stay
these to twigs are assigned
attachments sent along their way
to cleansing fire they are consigned.

Now Vulcan’s kin have abet
supplicants with tools at hand
many ways to seed the change
into flame, conveyed by smoke
prayers and troubles sent away.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161216.
Tags: fire, magic, poem

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