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Poem - Alter Boys

The poem “Alter Boys” was written for an online poetry competition. For the record I don’t believe the triangles are coming for me, nor do I believe that they are welded by alter boys. The blue circles and the squirrels, well, that’s another story.

Alter Boys

Reality is the ship that’s sailed
to far horizon beyond my reach
leaving me here to find my way
with signposts only I can see
now I’m left here on the beach
the triangles are the altar boys
with men who seek my life
coming when the shades are drawn.

Agendas sprung from fertile soil
all the eyes are turned my way
signals sent that only I hear
to the radio in my brain
asking me to bend my knee
foreign agents with tall hats
why do they ask for my help?

Watched by eyes that do not blink
followed by the cameras’ lens
I’m never alone to find some peace
when they are in the distant rooms
pointing lights that I only perceive
blinding me in the darkest holes
stones I throw are not the cure.

Paranoia is my nearest friend
only it will not betray
when my friends whisper lies
point at me with talons long
family seeks to control
awareness earned by my blood
I’ll control their minds some day
when I shake these silver chains.

The shared reality is no more
replaced with glimpses of Hell’s domain
where I am the sole resident
in dormitories where I scream
perhaps you’ll visit if you find
your way through the twisted maze
past the triangles held in the arms
of alter boys with kind smiles.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161218.
Tags: completition, illness, poem, schizophrenia

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