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Poem - Worms

My one and only excuse for “Worms” is that it was written for a poetry competition with the topic “masturbation with leeches”. Please do not try this at home!


Apply the leeches to the site
yours to choose down below
one for his and one for hers
tarry not for your delight
live and squirming, plump and fresh
sensitivity is prerequisite
to accomplish the task at hand
surrogates are pain’s harsh bliss
look away when they squirm
unnatural would be most kind
the conclusions by normal men
when parasites are applied
to private regions in the cause
of pleasure found in nether realms
as blood is taken in fair exchange
orgasm found in sucking mouths
for a death so small in life’s design
yet still the goal will be had
when climax is achieved with the worms.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161218.
Tags: completition, poem

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