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Poem - Dance Foretold

The ardent dancer can affirm that there are songs whose first chords foretell of the next minutes. The steps, the moves, the motions already exist. They only wait for the physical manifestation. The poem “Dance Foretold” is about these dawns of moving joy.

Dance Foretold

My future is already foretold
I can feel the motion when I'm standing still
my feet are choreographed
preordained to move in the space beyond
the music wraps around my soul
my body seeks rapture on melody’s wing.

I feel the urge to move in sync
indulging toe tap and leg hop as a start
the notes are my body's muse
instructing the heart to move the limbs
pulling strings that none can see
the end result asks for fair company.

The dance floor is my head
sharing space with the world as a whole
I seek one to match the mold
to the beauty I glimpse beyond the veil
we all become the circumstance
partners all in as I imagine the outcome.

I am less than Fred Astaire
though he is the hero I strive to match
I am the most common man
called to the dance by the siren's request
the moves are felt before it’s begun
foretold to step beyond the music’s promise.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161219.
Tags: dance, dancing, poem

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