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Poem - Mother Moon

I wrote the poem “Mother Moon” for a competition that featured a variety of tarot cards. I choose the card The Moon. It symbolizes a journey to intuition, dreams, and the unconscious.

Mother Moon

The standing stones are the doors
wide enough for one to pass
beneath the eye of moon’s crescent
the journey inward has begun
from the edge of tarn’s egress
beyond those who seek to feed
I’ll find the strength to plunge within
open the way to the twelfth gate

Sister crayfish hold my hand
you the kin of orb above
lend me strength to take the steps
beyond the stagnant in which I dwell
bound by ego that seeks to stay
in the pools by land’s fair edge
you point the way that I may take
from the mud of bottom’s depths.

Duality meets me on the trail
asking me to choose within
the one to lick the owner’s hand
or other to bite the weaker man
both are honored for their place
their strength derives from how they feed
I’ll seek to balance my tools within
the mind’s mild nature against the wild.

The path is dim under my feet
illumination comes from my dreams
intuition reflects the world
as sun to moon instructs my eyes
passing through the veil of the realms
into a mirrored congress of worlds
the distance is illusion’s game
as I step to touch the tower’s base.

Here I see in black and white
columns from the temple’s mount
cast to ask what I’ll embrace
the dark and light of power’s face
again I see the give fair due
to powers beyond my latitude
embracing both in their due time
finding middle as my fair path.

Through the door I journey forth
perhaps the fool to make this quest
into unknowns beyond this globe
higher spheres are where I walk
Mother Moon accept your child
take me to your breast so I may see
the wisdom of sight within
the gift of my unconsciousness.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161222.
Tags: moon, poem, tarot

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