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Poem - Tim

The poem “Tim” is a word play about a magnificent Monty Python character.


They call me Tim
enchanter of the flaming staff
a simple name
to shoot the fire from my hand
short for nothing
that was the name my mother gave
I’ll compensate
by exploding trees, much to do
before I tell
location of the Holy Grail
beyond the cave
guarded by a creature oh so foul
littered the ground
with bones of those already fell
if you do dare
follow me to meet your doom
by pointy teeth
not behind the rabbit seen
a vicious streak
it’s a killer that will do a cheek
not to nibble
leaping through the air to rent the throat
I warned you
always the same when they come
charging forward
to meet the creature of dynamite
change the armor
before you taunt to turn the fight
bless hand grenade
by Brother Maynard’s holy hand
take out the pin
count to three, no more or less
by number third
throw to slay your evil foe.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161223.
Tags: monty python, poem, tim

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