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Poem - Begin Again

A friend on Tumblr posted the cryptic posting “I am waiting to begin again”. I thought this was a wonderful place to start a poem, with “Begin Again” as the result.

Begin Again

I am waiting to begin again
same time different year
wheel turned round as I stood
in the same place I was before
faces familiar have been absent
new ones have taken their place
yet the mirror says I’m the same
with lines added, a bit of gray.

Easy pleasures near at hand
true ecstasy too far away
too little shows the ribs
I’d drown if I had my say
only solution is to hit reset
big red button that comes around
as circles spin within the dials
flashing lights dull the sight.

Fog the mind as chance is lost
like Andromeda Strain selecting cure
here at the line drawn in the sand
toe to heel then far away
am I unable to do what I want?
blink and see it move again
away from my grasp yet so near
bless my heart my patient friends.

There is hope in company
sanity by verity
confirming what I think I see
when the need asks its time
I am waiting to begin again
same place on a different year
hold my hand so I know
I’ll not walk this way alone.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161225.
Tags: chance, poem, prediction

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