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Poem - All the Places

On Tumblr I found the quote “Let me touch you in all the places”. I used this as a starting point to explore how interactions occur between people. Very rarely are encounters “casual”, even when they are meant to be. Even if you don’t learn something about them you stand the chance of learning something yourself. Relationships go both ways, with the soul better or worst off I the end.

All the Places

Pardon my request
let me touch you in all the places
looking beyond the customary
asking for much more
where you are unique in your ways
different from the masks we’re shown to wear
questing for my kind
delights to find behind the folds
where your curtains pulled against the world
my mind craves contact
there I’ll find more about myself
if I listen to the thoughts that blossom
feelings beg their due
emotions shared ask honesty
each with their own sincerity
now I will retreat
I found so much more than I sought
with the touches that struck my soul

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161226.
Tags: poem, relationships

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