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Poem - Twenty-Six Lines to Release

An online poetry competition asked for a poem that described how I released tension. The competition further requested that the poem be twenty-six lines in length. “Twenty-Six Lines to Release” was my contribution to the challenge.

Twenty-Six Lines to Release

In twenty-six lines I’ll find release
not of a drug laid in neat rows
instead by direction of music’s muse
on the dance floor where bodies press
move beyond the place of tension’s chains
by path of melody and partner’s charm
hand to hand to show the way
passing beyond the worried day.

(and can this cure apply to all?)

Don’t ask me to share this restorative
self-medication comes just for one
that steps beyond the daily strains
into realms where two are blessed
associates in the frolic’s spins
are independent though it may seem
that comforts found rely without
when peace is found within the heart.

(and what of those you hold to hand?)

Through knowledge of the larger whole
my place conjoined to those who dance
responsibility has lost its bite
when turned to creation’s manifest
bodies are meant to move with joy
synchronized to heaven’s gifts
meshed to urges found down below
the middle path finds perfect bliss.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161227.
Tags: dance, poem, relief

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