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Poem - Charm of Finches

I wrote “Charm of Finches” for a competition that featured a whole host of animal groups. I remembered a photo I took in 2008. It featured graffiti with two finches on barbwire. The poem sprung from that pic and a general understanding of finch symbology.

Charm of Finches

In the ruins I’ve come to know
deepest Winter after gray of Fall
with a wish for better times
the sky opens for the birds

hope descends in on painted wings
on the breeze of missing Spring
bringing tunes with the sun
flit on barbwire white with frost

now to melt with messengers
seers of joy, prophets all
singing songs that lift the heart
asking each to do their part

small or large, rushing there
everyone one in their own way
brown to bright, each may fly
filling life with happiness

watch them flit from barb to branch
leaving cold to green the bark
Spring is found in chirped tunes
when charm of finches fill my life.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161231.
Tags: finch, joy, poem

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