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Poem - New Year’s Kiss

There is a tradition of kissing at the beginning of the New Year. Kissing is discouraged because of the intimate association, but I really believe that it could be more prevalent if American society did not have these hang-ups. It is in the spirit of connection that “New Year’s Kiss” was written.

New Year’s Kiss

All the people I’d like to kiss
some a peck, some on lips
perhaps a few with the tongue
it doesn’t matter, I love them all
I’d pull them close at the drop
of the ball high in the air
showing I appreciate
all we’ve felt as days progressed.

The darkest days rolled around
of deepest gloom I tried to share
by word of poem I spoke my mind
knowing some would see my cries
though the posts numbered few
they were the worst of the past year
scary days came and went
as mumbled prayers saved the day.

The happy days came and went
most with swing spinning round
hands were held as music played
my joy was more than I can tell
twice a week I strove to prance
with other souls that sought the same
glee was found as music led
not the show, instead the dance.

This past year featured peeps
some came early, others late
now on the scene but not before
I’m newly blessed with entre vous
that is French for you and me
vernacular asks for more
entre ustedes is Espanol
new to scene, please do stay.

Sadly some have left my stage
were there at launch but not at end
the door was opened when we two
but is now closed by only one
these I send special thoughts
circling round to start of poem
I’d kiss them twice as much
if they were still in my life.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161231.
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