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Poem - Fell Too Deep

I use to fall too easily into love. I’d dance on the edge, enjoying the view, and then BAM. The truly heinous part of the experience is that I would find myself in that place of being in love before I was fully aware it had happened. I’m not speaking of loving a person. I am speaking of the act of energetically connecting to another, and doing so in such a way that release is never fully realized except under pain of something stronger, like hate. Now I guard myself, loving freely, but refusing to tiptoe to the chasm of falling in love.

Fell Too Deep

I fell too deep in love
ground vanished in a blink
into devotion’s arms
before I knew I'd tripped
a tumble helped by Cupid
his arrow in my side
in state I'll remain
until he takes it back.

I gave my heart away
surprised that it was gone
when I looked to see
the hole now in its place
it was a sleight of hand
magician's most sly trick
to make this hollow
another must fully sate.

I found lunacy when
sanity slipped its leash
chasing dreams
that made devils blush
as angels fitted me
with madman's chains
constraints only fit for
love's darkest dreams.

I'm now stuck in this pit
wondering where the exit is
feeling nothing where my heart
used to beat to compliment
my mind escaped to dream of one
with cobwebs left to silent scream
love, sweet love, be gone my friend
remove your barbs, set me free.

2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20170104.
Tags: falling in love, love, poem

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